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Mon Feb 16, 2009

Core Associates helps CRH Medical empower their partner Physicians.

VANCOUVER, BC – CRH Medical Corporation was established in 1995 as a medical services company specializing in the treatment of hemorrhoids utilizing the Company owned CRH-O’Regan Disposable Hemorrhoid Banding Technology. When it came time to help educate and equip prospective Gastroenterologist partners on CRH’s Hemorrhoid Treatment Program, Core was called on to design and produce a comprehensive, interactive manual that would serve as a central component of that initiative.

Aside from working with challenging nature of the subject matter, Core’s task was to organize CRH’s extensive document library into a cohesive interactive PDF document that Gastroenterologists could use to familiarize themselves with the CRH Treatment Program as well as promote the program within their practice. The manual covers Clinical Information, Clinical Staff Training and Practice building. The content comprises of interactive text, diagrams and Flash video components and the final interactive PDF is contained on a 3” mini CD, housed within a custom folder and envelope.

“There were a couple parallel requirements at play in developing the interactive manual,” explains Pasquale Sasso, Core’s Project Strategist. “It had to be accessible and intuitive to the nominal computer user, be able to display dozens of linked files in their native formats, be printer-friendly, and updateable. There were a number of environments we could have developed the project in but in the end an interactive PDF optimally served all the objectives.

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