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Mon Aug 25, 2008

Core Associates provides CGA-BC with a highly polished Outlook.


Core Associates provides CGA-BC with a highly polished Outlook.

VANCOUVER, BC – Over a decade ago, CORE Associates began helping CGA-BC publish a simple newsletter to students and members, in 1999 expanding into a quarterly publication called Outlook. Recently CORE gave the magazine a complete redesign, the results of which can be seen in the latest issue.

“Our goal was to give the magazine the look and feel of a major business publication,” explains CORE Senior Designer Scott Laing. “If you saw Outlook on a newsstand next to BC Business or Fortune, it should look like it belongs, very professional and still very contemporary. Bold graphics, large headings, with the typefaces and layout grid all subtly tying in to the national look we’ve been establishing for CGA in BC and Canada.”

In 1999, CORE branded the national identity for CGA and has been instrumental in defining the corporate graphic standards for its communication pieces, everything from course calendars to recruitment and information brochures. CGA-BC design and graphic standards follow the national lead, helping provide the accounting designation with a coherent image.

Core Associates is a full service corporate communication design firm specializing in branding innovative companies and institutions. Their diverse client roster emphasizes organizations with unique visions for creating change in their marketplace. From accounting to international banking software, corporate investigation and security to revolutionary biomedical vaccines, Core Associates works with some of North America’s most innovative and respected companies.

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